🎤Got a Beef with HighLevel? Let’s Hear It!🎤

Here at the HighLevel Experience podcast, we believe in the power of balance—like the Ying and Yang, the Jedis and the Dark Side of Star Wars. HighLevel is an amazing tool that has transformed businesses, but we know, like any software, it’s not without its quirks, bugs, or those "why isn't this a thing yet?" features.

That’s why we’re introducing The Beef—a new segment dedicated to airing out those grievances, feature suggestions, or any HighLevel hiccups you’ve encountered. But before you grab your pitchforks, here’s how to make your beef heard (and potentially featured) in our next episode:

Step 1: Ideas Board First!

Before we get into the meat of it, make sure you’ve submitted your suggestion or reported your bug on the HighLevel Ideas Board (ideas.gohighlevel.com). It's a great platform where you can cast your vote for existing ideas or submit your own innovative feature upgrades and updates. Remember, balance is key, and your input there helps improve HighLevel for everyone!

Step 2: Record Your Beef

Ready to share your beef with us and, more importantly, with our listeners? Here’s how:

  • Record a short audio (or video) clip: Keep it snappy—60 seconds max. Just like a well-cooked steak, we want it short but flavorful.

  • Be clear and concise: Explain your feature suggestion, frustration, or bug. The goal is to share your perspective in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

  • Keep it light-hearted and fun: We’re all about sharing in a way that keeps the spirits high, even if the topic might be a bit frustrating. After all, we’re all in this together!

Step 3: Submit Your Beef

Once your recording is ready, submit it through our designated upload form below. Make sure your file is in the correct format and that your contact information is included so we can reach out if we feature your beef in our segment.

Submit Your Beef Below

Pre-requisite #1: You should already have your beef uploaded as an idea on the GHL Ideas board (https://ideas.gohighlevel.com) that way we can help you get more upvotes by sharing your link in the show notes of the episode we feature your beef on.

Pre-requisite #2:You must record a 60 second audio or video clip so we can share your beef. (We are a podcast after all :)

*Make sure it's clear to understand what you're saying... record in quiet environment.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions of The HighLevel Experience Podcast. I agree to receive text messages and emails from the HighLevel Experience Podcast and it's partners.

Join The Resistance

In "The Beef," we’re not just venting; we’re bringing attention to the ideas that need a little push, discussing potential improvements, and sometimes, just getting that negative energy off our chests. It’s a place for the HighLevel community to connect over shared experiences, laugh a bit, and push for a better HighLevel together.

Why Share Your Beef?

  • Spotlight:
    Your beef gets a chance to be featured in one of our episodes, bringing more attention to your ideas or concerns.

  • Community Support:
    Engage with other HighLevel users who share your frustrations or wishes, and rally the community for support.

  • Make HighLevel Even Better:
    Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of HighLevel, making it even more awesome.

So, got a beef? Let’s hear it! Remember, it’s all in good fun, and who knows? Your beef might just lead to the next big feature or fix in HighLevel.

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